Team 24th/14th Moot

The Team of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin at the 24th / 14th (East) Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2015/2016

Left to right: Boyan Arshinkov, Tun de Jong, Lena Schwarz, Maximilian Petkovic, Talib Gasanov, Sophie Kamenz, Julia Goos, Philipp Keul, Paul Nicklas, Vanessa von Wulffen, Lisa Marie Koop, Benedikt Schwarzkopf
Left to right: Boyan Arshinkov, Tun de Jong, Lena Schwarz, Maximilian Petkovic, Talib Gasanov, Sophie Kamenz, Julia Goos, Philipp Keul, Paul Nicklas, Vanessa von Wulffen, Lisa Marie Koop, Benedikt Schwarzkopf

Talib Gasanov

Talib studies law in his 5th semester at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He has a degree in Linguistics and Crosscultural Communication, is fluent in Russian, English and French and has basic knowledge of Arabic. He has worked as a translator for several years and participated in the organization of the 11th meeting of the Russian-Arab Business Council in 2013. Talib plays drums and enjoys reading, doing sports, learning languages and traveling.

Julia Goos

Julia is studies in her fifth semester of law at Humboldt University in Berlin, majoring in civil and corporate law. She works as a student assistant at the European Law School (Prof. Dr. Dr. Grundmann), is scholarship holder of the “Deutschlandstipendium” and has interned at several international law firms. Beyond that she has participated in several exchange programmes, including those in Sydney, Mexico, the United States and La Réunion. She speaks German and English fluently, has basic knowledge of Spanish and has a special interest in other cultures, travelling and music, playing the cello, piano and clarinet.

Sophie Kamenz

Sophie is currently studying law at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin in her 5th semester specialising in europeanisation and internationalisation of civil- and commercial law. She works at an international law firm with a focus on Real Estate, Banking and Capital Markets. Furthermore, she attended the course „Internationale Sales and Arbitration Law“. Sophie is fluent in English, has good knowledge in French and basic knowledge in Russian. In her free time, Sophie dances classical ballet and plays the piano.

Philipp Keul

Philipp has been studying law for 5 semesters at Humboldt-University, including a foreign language course on American constitutional law. As an avid writer he was editor in chief of the school magazine and acted as speechwriter during his interships at the Landtag of Hesse and the Bundestag. He participated in seminars on rhetorics and presentation skills as well as a Model EU conference. Philipp speaks fluent English and basic French and has a proficiency certificate in Latin. In his free time he enjoys reading, cooking and ballroom dancing.

Lisa Marie Koop

Lisa is studying Law in her 4th year. She specialised in international law in Geneva at the University of Geneva and at the Graduate Institute. She participated at the Model of United Nations and was awarded Best Delegate of the Human Rights Council. Lisa went to school in France and worked in Spain for half a year. During her studies in Berlin she worked for a law firm for energy law. She was a member of the student’s board of the law faculty and volunteers for UNICEF and a refugee relief organisation. Lisa is fluent in English, French, Spanish and has got basic knowledge of Italian and qualification in Latin. She plays the piano, guitar and the transverse flute. She is interested in drawing, singing, doing sports and travelling.

Paul Nicklas

Paul studies Law in his 3rd semester at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin with foreign legal studies in both French and English law. He participated in a simulation of the European Union Conference and in a course on business mediation. Further he completed an internship at a corporate and tax law firm and spent a year studying abroad as a high school student in both Australia and France. Paul is fluent in English, has good knowledge in French and is a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation. He plays the bassoon and is passionate about team sports and travelling.

Maximilian Petkovic

Maximilian studies law in his 5th semester at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin specializing in "business and corporate law". He already gathered international experience during a German-Israeli student exchange and is fluent in English, German and Croatian. Maximilian is passionate about foreign cultures, traveling and sports.

Vanessa von Wulfen

Vanessa studies law in her 5 th semester at the Humboldt University of Berlin, specializing in Corporate and Company Law. She is currently engaged as a student assistant at the civil law chair of Prof. Dr. Susanne Augenhofer, LL.M. (Yale). As a voluntary activity, she gives free legal advice at the student law clinic Law&Legal. Due to stays abroad in Singapore and France, she is fluent in English and French. In her free time, she enjoys playing cello and is interested in art, politics and traveling.

Boyan Arshinkov

Boyan Arshinkov (Coach)

Boyan studies law in his 7. semester and specialises in "Civil law advice and the shaping of laws". He has taken part in various Model United Nations Conferences and is a legal adviser for the Berlin branch of the student Law Clinic Law&Legal. Boyan participated in the 23rd/13th Willem C. Vis Moot. On account of his passion for arbitration he wanted to experience the Moot once more and therefore will gladly support the next team as a Coach. Boyan is fluent in English, German and Bulgarian and interested in learning French and Russian. He is passionate about history, travelling and sports.

Tun de Jong

Tun de Jong (Coach)

Tun has studied law at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Université Panthéon-Assas Paris 2, earning a Licence en Droit and a Master 1 Droit des Affaires. He is currently preparing for the first German State Exam. He interned at a renowned international law firm in both Frankfurt and Luxembourg and is currently working as a research assistant at one of the leading arbitration boutiques in Berlin. He has spent a year abroad in the United States and has partaken in a myriad of seminars and workshops in mediation, negotiation and arbitration, including the International Summer School on Alternative Dispute Resolution. Tun was a member of the Humboldt team at the 21st/11th Willem C. Vis Moot Court and has acted as an arbitrator in recent years at the Amsterdam International Pre-Moot. Additionally, Tun is treasurer and member of the board of Association BerMüPa e.V.. Tun fluently speaks Luxembourgish, German, French and English and has some knowledge of Spanish and Dutch. He is interested in politics, history, architecture and art in general, plays golf, tennis, the drums and classical percussion and sings jazz. He is also a passionate author of both prose and poetry.

Lena Schwarz

Lena Schwarz (Coach)

Lena studies law in her 7th semester at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin specializing in “shaping of law and legal policy”. She works for a startup-company based in Berlin and is scholarship holder of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Further, she participated in an exchange program with the Russian-Armenian University Slavonic in Armenia focusing on the topic of corruption. Lena is interested in foreign cultures and countries. She therefore spent a High School Year in the United States and backpacked through Asia for 6 months.

Benedikt Schwarzkopf

Benedikt Schwarzkopf (Coach)


Karl-Michael Schmidt

Karl-Michael Schmidt (Akademische Leitung)

Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law) and managing director of the Institute for the Legal Profession at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In charge of the Humboldt-Universität’s Willem C. Vis Moot program since the inaugural participation in the 6th Willem C. Vis Moot (1998/1999).